Pauline Marshall - M.GuidCouns, B.Ed, MNZAC

Kia ora

I would like to introduce myself. My counselling background is as a School Guidance Counsellor and then Membership Manager of NZAC.

I am a qualified counsellor and I work alongside the other women on the Team.

I have been at the Centre since September 2015



A lot of my work is designing and delivering professional development workshops for other professionals working in the Health and Social Services Field. 

This offers them up date information on practice issues that enables them to be able to work sensitively with clients who may be affected by sexual violence. I also go into schools to present workshops on consent.

Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre offers resources, support, and professional development seminars for those who are working with women who have experienced sexual assault.


Crisis Service Coordinator

The centre was fortunate to receiving funding for a pilot service in 2017. Since then we have run a 24hr crisis service for those in need. That may be attending call out to support women who have been raped of sexually assaulted. We work alomgside people supporting them through the crisis situation and offer a followup service at the Centre. We can then help facilitate transfer to an ACC Counsellor or to someone else withing the centre.

Over the time of the pilot study we hope to find and construct an integrated service for those affected by sexual harm.


On a less visible level, we work to train practitioners, liaise with Police and engage in political activity with the goal of achieving societal change.

Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre is committed to working towards ending Sexual Violence.

They are actively involved in:

Campaign for Consent

Ending Sexual Violence Together

Outing Violence

We work alongside other agencies in a range of ways, including the Police, SAATS, Medical Professionals, Community Agencies, Hospitals and community settings to support those who may work within the Social Services Field.

Contact our Educator/Trainer if you wish to discuss ways that they can support the work you do.