What options do I have if I have been sexually assaulted?

Crisis Service:

Help and support for those effected by sexual harm. Not everyone is ready to go to the Police. They need support and that why there is a Crisis Support Service. We are there to help you decide whats best for you. We are qualified counsellors and can assist you with Crisis Support and counselling. We sit alongside you to support you in whatever decsion is right for you.

Counselling: You are not alone

We recognise how difficult it can be to seek help and we commend your courage in taking the first step. We offer safety and support to help you recover. Research has shown that if early intervention is provided following a sexual assault the recovery process is much faster and so is eventual healing.

NZ Police

Here is a link to updated information about reporting sexual assault



Medical Exam:

Sexual Assault, Assessment, Treatment Services (SAATS)
Angelsea Clinic Accident & Urgent Medical
Cnr Angelesea & Thackeray Streets
07 858 0800 - 24hr phone line

Ask for SAATS service


SAATS - Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated and caring doctors, nurses and counsellor who are specially trained in working with survivors of sexual abuse. The service is operated by Angelsea Clinic in Hamilton. The facility rooms are very private and safe and are separate from the medical clinic area.


What services do we offer?