About Us

Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre, Hamilton

(formally known as Hamilton Rape Crisis) was founded in 1982.

It came form a movement in America, which reached women in New Zealand to take action in forming the organisation.

The organisation was kept private and confidential as back in that time partners' of the woman seeking help objected to their power being usurped by women standing in their own right. The organisation now has a much more open and congenial approach within the community.

A small group of women decided to fundraise to enable them to oprate a Centre and to receive some training. Later on they applied for government funding which was successful and we continue to receive funding to maintain this service within the community. We became an Incorporated Society in 1982

Meaning behind the Moari name for the Centre

Te Puia Whakamahu Taitokai

The name is based on the concept and values of what the Centre and its Counsellors provide to their clients (kaitono) and so it becomes The Centre (Te Puia) where healing or cleansing is undertaken/provided (Whakamahu) through counselling to those who are or have been victims of sexual abuse (Taitokia)

We would like to thank Hinga and Loyld Whiu for helping us with the above.

Who are We:

We are a Team of women from different cultures, ages and backgrounds working together to support women and children heal from the effects of:


What we offer:


Our Vision

"A Healthy, safe and supported community free from sexual harm” 


 Our Mission

"We promote a non-violent society by supporting the health and wellbeing of women and their families through the process of self-determination, education and social change"


Our Values

Our Counsellors acknowledge and affirm how courageous it is for survivors of sexual harm to tell their stories and respect how each survivor chooses to use her resources. Some women decide to take the perpetrator to court, while others decide against this option. Our Counsellors supports women in whatever decisions they may take regarding their own healing process.

The centre employs four part-time Counsellors, an Administrator/Co-ordinator an Educator/Trainer and a Crisis Team.

All of our counsellors have undertaken formal Counsellor Education/Training and all belong to a counselling related professional body.

They have been trained specifically to work in the area of sexual harm and are constantly updating and developing their skills and knowledge through training workshops. All our team regularly attend supervision to ensure that they are providing the best possible service for clients, while obtaining the support they need. 

Crisis service: 24 hours a day to respond to Crisis situations within the Community

Office hours 5 days a week 9am - 5pm.

We have a few after hours appointments that can help those working in fulltime jobs.

We also have outreach Centres in Ngaruawahai and Huntly

How we work:





Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre is part of Rape Crisis NZ which abides by the above philosophy when counselling survivors of sexual abuse/rape/sexual violence.

The Counsellors all share the beliefs of empathy, aroha, warmth, and genuineness. We believe that women are powerful and know how best to meet their own needs.

Our Counsellors facilitate a process of allowing the client to move at her own pace and, in the counselling situation, to structure her own healing journey. At Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre we encourage self-determination and support client’s progress at their own pace. This process gives the client control, and enables them to direct the intensity of their healing process.